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PostgresSQL database reader made for Ruby on Rails applications making Rails Migrations easier.

Rails Tea

Brew your own blend of rails scaffold and mix in a live-editable seeds.rb table for extra flavour.

JS SEO Preview

jQuery plugin that allows you to edit Google & Facebook meta data for real-time editing.

Rackup Framework

Deploy simple static websites on Heroku and Github with Rackup! (Modelled after Ruby on Rails)

CSS Framework

Battle-ready CSS framework. Super light weight with responsive grid and basic components.

Rails Framework

A delicious Rails app framework preloaded with the perfect recipe for Ruby and Rails soup!

MD Docs

Knowledgebase for rapid research & development on web tech, tools and programming code.

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Our goal is to show you how to build your own profitable web software by first building open source software. Simple enough! That way there is no barrier to entry.

We believe that to truly understand your value as a web developer & designer is to contribute to the open source community and use open source to build your very own profitable web software startup.

We are excited to have you on this journey!

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