Document All The Things

Internally we are using these docs to help our team learn and have access to relevant information for our projects. In an effort for transparency we have made the documentation public.

We are constantly adding too and editing the docs.* 🤓
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The MonetizeDesign knowledgebase for rapid research & development. In effort for transparency we are publishing all of the documentation we use internally. While it may seem chaotic right now over time it will take shape.

You can find all the documentation you need to get started on any project that is currently in-progress or start on a brand new project using the frameworks we have developed to streamline the startup process.

Framework Docs: You can find the documentation guides for each framework (WP, Rails, CSS, Rackup, etc) on their own respective webpages.

Wynter Jones, Founder of MonetizeDesign The latest doc to be updated was Local Dev in WordPress over 1 year ago by Wynter